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Child Labour

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Child labour continues despite new anti-exploitation laws. A new law introduced in 2016 which criminalises child labour has failed to stop exploitation due to inadequate implementation. More than 2 million children in Uganda are estimated to be affected. Child Labour denies fundamental human rights such as the right to education, right to rest and leisure...
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Save Uganda’s Children

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About help and support for single parents People can give you support in three main ways: practical help to lighten the workload emotional support to help you cope with parenting social support to give you a break. Most parents – whether single parents or couples – need all three forms of support, and that’s normal....
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Starving Children

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Every year, millions of children die from preventable causes such as pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria and undernutrition. Hunger is still causing nearly half of deaths in children under 5 years old. From this data, we estimate at least 6,200 children die each day from causes related to undernutrition. This is heartbreaking. Child Life Change believes hope...
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Drought And Hunger

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A year ago, Nakimera would watch other children run to school while she stayed behind to care for her younger brothers and sisters. But a mere $34 per year helped the shy eight-year-old Ugandan girl take her place among students in the central region in the eastern part of the country. Poor children are enrolling...
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Provinding Clean Water

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Community Profile Uganda has so may villages without access to clean water. Children especially have to travel several miles to fetch water from wells and streams. Most of the water they fetch is infected with deadly bacteria which increases the risk of Typhoid infections. Since families in the villages are leaving below povertyline, and clinics...
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