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African is one of the continents in the whole world with so many refugees ,This result due to much conflicts in the regions of Africa,these conflicts come as a result of misunderstanding  and too much fighting in these region in both political , Civil, and tribal conflicts this berings to too much lose of lives to both young and old ones, not only losing lives but they start moving from one region to another looking for better life and good stay in life today,they normally go to near by regions/countries seeking for help and assistance for them to be ok and healthy with good security than their homes which have no security for them and young ones with their properties.Being that they much move in big numbers the countries they go too some times face the problem of high population of which this one result into course of diseases ,what they do to keep them in one area with protection from avoiding to  move any how in the country side for some reasons and these areas are the refugee camps they have to live and stay like in Africa too many refugee camps are located though some have been removed due to peace coming back from the regions these people came from like those used to be during the genocide in Rwanda, South Sudan ,Congo in east  all those camps used to be in Uganda, in central Africa they have closed some,West Africa they closed that in East Nigeria.The reasons to close some camps is that so many needs are required in these camps like medication, clothing, Feeding, sanitation in the camps, Education, Security, Shelter .


Shortage of food supply in the camps, some times the Countries and UN fail to get food mostly in the dry seasons and too much rain seasons because to transport and get food is not easy and in rain season many roads are too bad and much food they eat in camps is maize and its got from rural areas which is not easy at all, you may find them die of hunger and like those in desert  regions like in Somalia,Sudan,Cameroon.

Health is also another problem to these camps,this is because the health workers are not in position to work in the camps, being that they are so many in a small region they are given to stay in,cleanness in not fine, this result in outbreak of diseases like Chorera,Ebola,Cough,…you find once this happiness people die in big number and it takes long to be helped by those concern,this has been seen so many times in different camps and we have lost many people in the regions with been ,in 1995 it broke out in Northern Uganda and that was Ebola and hundreds lost lives these people had come from Congo.

Sex harassment is too much in these camps, mostly the security guards are the one who rape the young girls and women, when they fail to allow they don’t give them tents to sleep with their families and friends they came with, some times they don’t give them food when brought in camps once they are reported, and you Africa is too much based ob bribe which is a killer to both levels of Africans .

Aids and other sexual transmitted diseases too much spread in the Refugee camps, and so many have died its because these people are not tought the dangers on having sex with condoms in camps,they are not given condoms for free yet they don’t work and are tempted to have sex which is unprotected with those they are with in camps,they are not given some treatment to those who are infected on how to protect others not to be like them,also like those with HIV they are not given chance to have the ARVs to use.

The coldness in the camps, being that these people are not sleeping in good built homes they much stay in tents, open out side, under trees, and they have no clothes a nd shoes they face coldness and some die of this, so they need that help in provision to their  lives.

Medication is one of the most problem to the people in the camps,they die every time of so many diseases like in Africa malaria is one of the most killer but those concern don’t help them in this case,you may find that the country like they are in is of people who don’t care and money to buy the medicine they say its not in the banks account of the country and they die , that is also a big problem in the camps,so brethren you help these people to have a good stay in camps till their home regain peace to return back.

Education is also a problem,when war opens it does not know the age limits some who are young are not given a chance to have Education, because in camps you find teachers to help those in camps to be tough in many ways, the reason they say no money to pay teachers, buy of books and other things to use in Education which is not in good conditions to favour Education to go on, yes that is a big problem as well and you know of this world today every one needs Education and knowledge to understand for the future tomorrow.together we can solve this problem out from camps in Africa if you hold together in hands to develop Education in Camps.thanks so much.


Wars in Africa are much coursed by bad leaders who mostly don’t want to get off from power ,they care for no one and want to rule for life with a strong hand,others due to civil wars ,tribal wars,religious wars.

Religious wars are much in Arab states in Africa like those in west Africa,it is now much in central Africa for the last two month people have lost lives ,the war was among the muslem and Christians it is on and many have lost lives.

Wars coursed by dictatorship leadership in Africa by the leaders who have taken long in power,this has been to many countries like Sudan ,Angola  ,Libya, Burundi, as you see wars like that in Libya and other countries people have died.

Civil war have coursed death in Africa and many have lost lives  like in South Sudan, Rwanda ,Cameroon,Nigeria,Egypt  and thousands have lost lives and lose properties and others being displaced to areas around their countries.

Tribal wars these are in some located areas and regions in Africa ,these wars mostly with these people who are much known as cattle keepers, like turukana in Kenya,Nandi in south Africa ,Karamojongo in Uganda ,Masai in Kenya .these one they most fight because of water,grass for their  animals to eat,others in regions like in Congo they fight for land to cultivate and grow food crops.

With so many problems comes reach to people in Africa ,and many face challenges to keep life  still goes on, we at CHILD LIFE CHANGE we need every one to be fine and happy.