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Youth Camps

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Today the youth in Africa are the reason for the development of this land  as you can see not only here in Africa but global wide because the young trees are the one to strength the forest as this the saying to our traditional belief ,So we have to work in Hands with the leaders of this beautiful land and we solve the problem of youth in Africa and the world together. Their so many issues of the Youth as we have been in their programme and conferences we have made and arranged since this project and Organisation started in that year.

We have started so many plans and programmes for the youth in this we have talked with so many youth groups which have allowed our plans to go on with them ,some are religious and others are local others are Organisations like these groups we work with at the moment to strength the youth living motion of today.

The groups we work with are the Church groups ,local groups, Oganisations, School groups of both higher institution and lower one ,some like scouts, pathfinders. These are the some goals we have started and we hope to start in time only some issues which hide us from going on like the funds,land,Transportation,hospitality.

Our Goals to raise the Youth life are

  1. To open up football teams in different regions and places in Africa and countries we have brought up competitions and this raise for them to get to understand each other  like those from East Africa compete in one goal.
  2. Financial groups which raise them money and start up business and from their they can do development to their lives and families they live with.
  3. Start up of keeping of pigs and cattle which do keep them in Agriculture and does help in their daily living and improve on their family living of today.
  4. Teaching youth technical work like carpentry ,Building, construction,
  5. Job creation in different parts both in Rural and Urban areas they stay with their friends and families they stay with in development in their areas of stay.