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Our Story

Br.Dr.Kenwell Williams Kanwagi is the Founder of Child life Change based in Africa. Our Head Office is located in Kampala Upper Kololo Hill Drive, East Africa Uganda. We also have other operating offices various countries. Although most of these offices are small in size due to luck of funds, in the near future we are looking to expand our offices to increase our reach out to the needy across Africa. Child Life Change was started way back in 1998, It’s a Non governmental Oganisation based on Helping the needy, including but not limited to children living in the streets, refugees, girl child, foster families, widows, orphans, youth empowerment, and many more causes.

Child Life Change was started in order to suport ophaned children across northern Uganda and Southern Sudan. The massive killings and kidnappings caused many loses of lives and left so many families broken and in urgent need of aid and support. In northern Uganda rebels killed many people with orders from the Lord Resistance Army which was in leadership of Joseph Kony and ADF Jamiru Mukulu.

The Congo civil war which which was led by Ntaganda, as well as Rwanda genocide in 1994 also caused massive killings leading to 1000s of refugees fleeing to Uganda for help. Child Life Change founder also witnessed heart breaking killings of children in his home village in Rakai, Masaka in Uganda. He saw many families fleeing their homes making 1000s of children homeless and ophans. Through this traumatising experience Dr Kenwell was so touched and decided to form Child Life Change NGO in hope to improve the ophaned and homeless children. Child Life Change has gone on to expand its charitable activities across Africa.

At first time I thought of giving up because of many challenges but we have a forcus in all we do and we have gone far we reach to youth and widows as we empower them to become productive people in their areas as we encourage them to join economical activities.

We have so many objectives and things we have to do to make life easy to the people, like we need to buy land, Transport we need van,have Health center,schools and so many things to make us move at our own land areas.

We look so much to see you people get to us and write if you need to stand with us my dear Br.Dr.Kenwell

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